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[Caution, this page contains Spoilers!]

The 2019 September World tournament was the second of a series of tournaments held for players all over the world.

It was held over 2 days in September, and the World Final was held at a time convenient for both players.


The format consists of 4 brackets. Two for the Americas region - North and South America, and two for the Eurasia region - Europe and Asia.


Players fought in all 4 brackets to determine the regional winners.


South America: Hascter

North America: nohavenameiwant

Europe: Osuten

Asia: 아비가일


Videos of each match can be found here:

Match VODs[]

Eurasia Finals - 1st match[]

Eurasia Finals - 2nd match[]

America Finals - 1st match[]

America Finals - 2nd match[]

World Finals - 1st match[]

World Finals - 2nd Match[]

Full VODs (With Caster)[]

Eurasia Final[]

America Final[]

World Final[]