MINImax Tinyverse Wiki

MINImax Tinyverse Lobby[]

The first thing you will see is the Antique Shop surroundings: This is where is the Tinyverse.

This is also the lobby of the game from where you can access the different menus.

Icon Information

Choose who you fight for![]

Here you can Switch between Creaea and Aillai. It affects the troopers and champion you can choose when you play.



Here you can access the settings. You can configure shortcuts, the graphics and sound, and more general settings such as the way the game is displayed.



Direct access to the news about the game: Be sure to check the news to know about the latest updates and events, like tournaments, that happen in the community.


The Shop[]

The shop is the place where you can use your gems to buy champions, troopers, miracles, and costumes.

When you click on an item, you can check its information. It will display its stats, skill and attack type, and the cost and level you need to be to purchase it.



The community panel provides links to related accounts and the community. You can find and follow the SNS accounts of MINImax Tinyverse to be sure not to miss updates and events. You can also join our Discord community and discuss the game with other players.



The guide section provides links to more detailed tutorials about specific parts of the game.



In the quest menu, you can check your current quests. Completing a quest makes you earn the valuable gems that you need to purchase new champions and troopers. Be sure to check the remaining time so you don't miss them!



The battle menu allows you to play to different modes:

Normal match matches you with a random player.

Custom match allows you to invite a friend to play against.



This opens the chatbox. Here you can send messages in the public chat with other players, join specific chat groups, or whisper to a specific player.


Score and Gems[]

The top left corner displays your score, gems, and Ether.

Score is like a ranking - the number will increase based on the number of your victories.

Next is Gems. This is the number of gems that you possess: Red (for the Creaea) or Blue (for the Aillai). You earn them by winning games or completing quests.

Third is Ether. It is a very valuable currency in the Tinyverse! You can exchange them for special items in the shop.



The panel in the top right displays your game name and your level. It will increase based on your victories.

How to start a battle: Normal Match[]

In order to start a match, you will have to make your own team composition: It will have a Champion, 6 Troopers and 8 Miracles (2 of them are fixed - but you can customize the other 6 Miracles) You can check their stats and skills and make a combination that will match your style or strategy! You may not be able to play every trooper from your first match, but you will be able to unlock them with the gems you earn from winning matches and completing quests.


Choose your champion[]

First, you can pick a Champion. You can inspect the details of each one of them by right-clicking on their icon.

This will lead you to their descriptions card where you can check the stats of the Champion and their skills and attack type.

Once you've made your choice, your champion will appear on your team setting section.

You can learn more about each Champion here


Choose your troopers[]

You can choose up to 6 different troopers.

On their icon, an apple displays the number of rations they cost to be sent in the battle. The icon also displays the number of troopers that will be sent at once for this amount.

Just as you can check the stats of champions, you can check the stats and skills of troopers by right-clicking on them.

Once you made your choices, your troopers will appear on your team setting section next to your champion.

You can check the troopers here


Choose your miracles[]

You can choose up to 6 different miracles.

You can also access their information by right-clicking. Their icon also displays the amount of mana it will cost to be cast.

Some of the Miracles can have interactions between them (For example, Fire can melt Ice), so be sure to check their descriptions! ;)

Get more details about the Miracles here


Choose a costume (optional)[]

You can also add a costume to your hand to personalize it.

It does not have an effect on your miracles, troopers, or champion, but it might intimidate your opponents!


To go further[]

At the bottom of this page, you can access the Battle Log and the LeaderBoard.

Battle Log displays the Log of your previous matches and Leaderboard displays the ranking of the best players of each Realm.

MINImax Basic Team Build[]

Icon Information

Attack and Defense type[]

In MINImax Tinyverse, every trooper has its own attack and defense type.

When you create your Team Build before starting a fight, you should make sure that you have different troopers with different attack types to be able to adapt and counter different armor types of your enemy's troopers.

You can check how different attack types and armor perform against each other in this Tab.



When building your team, each trooper has stats that you should pay attention to.

- Attack speed: Slow, normal, or fast

- Attack range: Melee or range

- Target: Ground or air

- Move speed: Slow, normal, or fast

- Area of Effect: Single target or multiple targets (Area of Effect).

You can check all those information in-game, by right-clicking on the troopers' icon, or by going into the shop.

You can also access the trooper's information page on our Gamepedia to learn more.



Each trooper also has specific skills. For example, the Rapanossan Tribe is able to swim, so they can move faster in the water.

Tropers have a variety of passive skills, like the ability to hide, or to heal other troopers.

Definitely check it out and elaborate on your own strategy!


Champions' specifics[]

You can also access information about each Champion, such as their Stats and Skills, by clicking on the tabs.

Champions have more Skills than the troopers, so be sure to make the most of their potential!

You can also check this in-game or directly on our dedicated Champion pages.



The Miracles you choose for your team build affect the fights in many ways. You can use offensive skills and attack your enemies with curses and destruction.

You can choose defensive miracles and protect your own troopers with blessings, block a path, or make a new one and change the fight!

Miracles are the expression of your divinity!

Choose them carefully, and feel free to experiment; Miracles can interact with each other since they are elemental based.

You can check what kind of effects they wield directly in-game or check our Gamepedia Page on Miracles!