MINImax Tinyverse Wiki

These graceful Miracles symbolizes your aspect of a savior.

By wielding them, you can surely protect your allies from calamity and ruin.

There are no MINIs in the Tinyverse that can violate your authorities of protection.

But remember, your opponent can wield them either.

No matter how many allies you protect, your realm can't achieve victory if your enemies stay alive.

Sometimes, you have to teach your enemies a lesson.


Icon Description
Unit Mr008.png

Makes your allies get very excited and accelerated.

The attack and movement speed of stimulated MINIs becomes much faster for 6 seconds.

It can be removed by using Cleansing.

Green Field[]

Icon Description
Unit Mr009.png

Sets a field where your allies get healed.

The allies standing in Green Field can recover up to 1088 of HP while being there for 8 seconds.

Safety Zone[]

Icon Description
Unit Mr010.png

Lays a field where your allies do not feel pain.

Safety zone reduces damage done to allies within the area for 5 seconds.


Icon Description
Unit Mr011.png

Sets a field that blocks the damage inflicted by the opponent's miracles.

Caution! : It can only block the damage of the opponent's miracles.

Defense Bubble[]

Icon Description
Unit Mr012.png

Creates magical bubble that protects allies from damage.

Defense Bubble remains active for 6 seconds and it can absorb up to 880 damage.

It can be removed by using Cleansing.

Smooth Walk[]

Icon Description
Unit Mr013.png

Makes your allies move much faster for 5.3 seconds.

The ally MINIs under Smooth Walk can walk through each other.

It can be removed by using Cleansing.

White Night[]

Icon Description
Unit Mr401.png

Makes the night becomes bright and clear as the day for a moment.

Aillaians will rejoice for 15 seconds.

Dark Day[]

Icon Description
Unit Mr402.png

Turns the day into night for a moment.

Creaeans will fire up for 15 seconds!


Icon Description
Unit Mr403.png

Removes all buffs from the enemies and all debuffs from your allies within a wide area.

It also deals extra 672 of damage to summoned and natural objects in the map.

However, it cannot remove the effect of constant area miracles like sewage.

Mana Concentration[]

Icon Description
Unit Mr405.png

Helps you to collect energy for a moment and store it.

It increases your maximum mana cap.


Icon Description
Unit Mr406.png Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Then it will help you recover your mana much faster.

Cuation! : While meditating, you cannot do anything in the game for 8 seconds.

Healing Powder[]

Icon Description
Unit Mr022.png Sprinkle Magical powder of healing on the allies. The MINIs get restored 1,188 of their HP

over 12 seconds when sprinkled with the powder.

Caution : The strong wind can blow away powders.

( It can be removed by using Cleansing. )

Mass Disguise[]

Icon Description
Unit Mr310-4.png Make ally MINIs except tower and guardian camouflaged for 8 seconds.

(!) Caution : Flame can burn down camouflaged on your allies. And wind can blow up camouflage on your allies.

( It can be removed by using Cleansing. )

Unexpected Ramp[]

Icon Description
가짜 계단.png Summons a ramp that allows your allies to go up and down the hills.

The ramp remains for 15 seconds and has 600 Health of durability.

Glowing Fence[]

Icon Description
가짜 벽.png Summons an impenetrable wall. The wall stands for 15 seconds and it has 900 Health of durability.