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Champions are your most powerful and important partners in the battlefield!

Every single one of them is mighty and well-known figures in their realms.

They can recognize you and also they can hear your voices.

Because of that, you can recommend them to use their active skills and move their posit picking them up with your fingers.

But remember! You can take only one hero when you start your battle.

So choose them wisely!


Unit Ac002.png
Unit Ac001.png
Unit Ac005.png
Unit Ac003.png
Unit Ac007.png
Aidel Ortto Shainen Trasus Tuppi Tarrpio


Unit Cc006.png
Unit Cc001.png
Unit Cc002.png
Unit Cc003.png
Unit Cc007.png
Nia Murrakah Kaya Mervada Fainuke Hellakin


Troopers are your faithful warriors whom you have to help!

They seem to feel your presence, but you can't interact with them.

Since you can't directly help them, cast miracles for them or guide your champion to help them!

But remember - they might seem petty, but without them, you can't achieve your glory of victory!   

So help them wisely!


Unit At001.png
Unit At002.png
Unit At003.png
Unit At004.png
Scouter Footman Centurion Paladin
Unit At005.png
Unit At011.png
Unit At012.png
Unit At015.png
Huntress Rifleman Magus Artilleryman
Unit At006.png
Unit At017.png
Unit At013.png
에일라이 야만전사.png
Butcher Catapult Cleric Wildman
에일라이 공성병.png
에일라이 저격병.png
에일라이 궁수.png
에일라이 기사.png
Demolisher Magi-Bullet Sniper Archeress Knight
에일라이 냉기법사.png
Frost Sage Magi-Lieutenant


Unit Ct001.png
Unit Ct002.png
Unit Ct003.png
Unit Ct004.png
Sharkkus Pathfinder Gliptos Brawler Rapanossan Warrior Sharkkus Assassin
Unit Ct011.png
Unit Ct012.png
Unit Ct006.png
Unit Ct015.png
Rapanossan Assassin Gliptos Javelineer Sharkkus Bomber Gliptos Rockslinger
Unit Ct005.png
Unit Ct013.png
Unit Ct017.png
크레아 패거리 (1).png
Sharkkus Hunter Gliptos Totemist Wrecker Duo Rapanossan Thug
크레아 추적자.png
크레아 레인져.png
크레아 레파노사주술사.png
크레아 돌격전사.png
Gliptos Chaser Racconian Ranger Rapanossan Hexer Gliptos Charger
크레아 대지술사.png
Sharkkus Geomancer Rapanossan Troglodyte