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These are events managed through MINIMax Tinyverse Discord community.

To participate in these events users have to join MINIMax Tinyverse Discord! (Click here!) and chose a role in #choose-your-realm

Streaming Schedule of Official MINImax Tinyverse channels![]

At the official MINImax Tinyverse channels, you can enjoy streamings of our CM!

In this channel, You will be able to get our latest update news of MINImax and participate in various events!

Or, if you want to enjoy MINImax with CMs, you can challenge them through these channels!


[Event duration][]

From pre-Beta test start until Early Access launch.


MINImax developers want to celebrate all people who put the effort of testing our game during beta.

This is why we have decided to grant you a special in-game icon that could appear next to your name in the game.

For every stage of beta testing, you will get a user icon and Special Icon for those who will go through all stages of beta.



MINImax developers appreciate what you guys do for us as beta testers.

We want to feature all of you who took time to try out MINImax Tinyverse during beta and help us to improve this game.

Therefore, we want to feature all people in the final credits of the MINImax Tinyverse.

If you want to be featured in the credits, please follow the [How to Participate] method below.

Join pre-Beta test Unlock "Pre-Beta" User icon
Join Beta - Stage 01 test Unlock "Stage 1" User icon
Join Beta - Stage 02 test Unlock "Stage 2" User icon
Join all of our Beta Tests Unlock "Always in Beta" User icon

** The actual naming of the grades of beta testers in CREDITS may change during development.

[How to Participate][]
1. Make sure we have your email either through Steam Beta Recognition Form or send a message to any of MINImax Community Managers on Discord.

We require your emails just for the sake of being able to give you the proper recognition along the pre-Beta and Beta testing process.

2. To complete event participation please submit in-game screenshot with your nickname in #steam-beta-tester chat on MINImax Tinyverse official Discord channel.
** So if you do the requirements above once, you're automatically qualified for the both events rewards: Credits Inclusion/ Beta Tester Badge

Usernames that do not meet community guidelines will not be featured in credits.