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Fast Push Trasus by Smattymatty[]


Trasus does such an amazing job at dealing AOE melee damage, and surviving assuming you make good use of his frenzy passive.

We use trasus as a frontline to distract the enemy from many powerful ranged units such as scouters, riflemen, and artillerymen.



Unit At011.png Unit At001.png Unit At013.png
에일라이 저격병.png
Unit At003.png Unit At015.png
Rifleman Scouter Cleric Magi-Bullet_Sniper Centurion Artilleryman


A Cleansing.png A MassDisguise.png A Freeze.png A StaticShock.png A Stimulant.png A Vacuum.png
Cleansing MassDisguise Freeze StaticShock Stimulant Vacuum

Tips: Troopers[]

- Centurions are a great stalling unit when in a pinch, it's also a good starter unit for the night time since they will always get value from their tankiness.

- Clerics are the best healer in the game, and trasus is going to need some healing when he leaves fights with 1 HP.

- A magi-bullet sniper is an amazing opener in the day time because it forces your opponent to re-act, or lose a lot of HP on their tower. Later in the game they are useful as well since they are our only source of magic damage, and they outrange buildings.

Tips: Miracles[]

- I think one of the most important miracles here is vacuum, it’s probably one of the strongest miracles in the game, and the fact that you can use it to pull enemies into trasus Q makes it objectively the best offensive miracle for this deck by far, it will bring you to such a high food advantage.

- Mass Disguise is amazing for keeping your trasus alive right after his frenzy ends, and also keeping your many ranged units alive in case your enemy tries to deal with them.

- Stimulant is usually what you’ll be using to end the game, using this miracle on a giant army of scouters, riflemen, artillerymen, and a trasus will destroy buildings in seconds, kind of reminiscent of creaea’s fast push, but trasus style.