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Gital is a high-tier MINImax Tinyverse player from Asian Region.


MINImax Tinyverse: When did you start playing MINImax Tinyverse?

Gital: I started to play 4 months ago and I really loved the game, but I did not have any friends to play so I stopped the game for a while.

I learned about MINImax Tinyverse Discord community 2 months ago and came back to the game.

MMTV: Which Champion don't you like playing against?

G: I don't like to play against Aidel: her regeneration and her active skill are too OP.

MMTV: What do you think is important to consider when you make a team build?

G: I like to play full early game strategies since it is the funniest way to play for me: so anything that suits my playstyle!

MMTV: What was your motivation in joining MINImax Tinyverse tournaments?

G: For fun!

MMTV: Is there a player that inspires you?

G: No one inspires me.

MMTV: What was your first experience with video games?

G: I enjoyed any kind of game. If I do remember correctly, I think my first game was Minecraft when I was 6 years old.

MMTV: Any music you like to listen to while playing video games?

G: เปาปลาเค็ม Remix - ThefunfactoryRMX

Actually I am listening and dancing to it right now!

MMTV: Any fun facts about you?

G: ...Murrakah is behind me right now!

MMTV: What advice would you give a new player?

G: Just play for fun and do not forget to send "hey" to your enemy before your champion appears. It will give you 90% more chances to win!

Highlight strategy[]

During the World Finals of our October World Tournament, Gital came up with a strategy to defeat Nohavenameiwant: a famous player in the community for his Fainuke based strategy.

Team Composition: Rapanossan Warriors, Sharrkus Hunters, Rapanossan Hexers, Racconian Rangers, Rockslingers and Gliptos Chargers.

Strategy: Gital went for the early extra rations to send a strong line of troopers able to stop Fainuke from loading his attack: Sharkkus Hunters and Racconian Rangers.

He made clever use of Freeze and started harassing Fainuke with Murrakah. That early-game strategy paid off and completely surprised Nohavenameiwant who was not able to give stacks to Fainuke.

Watch the replay:


World Tournament - October 2019[]

Gital was the Asian region winner after defeating Mokkla in the 2019 October World Tournament. He defeated Nohavenameiwant, the Americas continent finals and became October World Champion.