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Master of Fear


Hellakin Gameplay Footage


Level 15
Ico target.png All Enemies (AOE) Ico a Special.png 670
Target Damage
Ico attack speed.png 2 Ico d Special.png 9 200
Attack Speed Health
Ico attack range.png 5.5 Ico move speed.png 2.2
Range Movement Speed

Skill sets[]

Black Magic / Active[]

HellakinActive.png Hellakin loses control and repetedly attacks enemies in front of her, while pushing them back.
  • She deals 90 damage 20 times, during 6 seconds.
  • Everytime an enemy is hit, the amount of damage received increases by 5% for 5 seconds.
  • This terrible curse stacks everytime it hits.

Pick Up[]

Unit Mc01.png You can pick Hellakin up with your fingers and drop her to the place you want.

When she lands, she scares nearby enemies away for 2 seconds and deals 480 damage.

  • Scares away enemies at the target area while landing and deals damge
Damage Day.png달.png Lv.15

Fear me! / Passive[]

HellakinPassive1.png Hellakin's grim spirit brings out her enemies' deapest fears. Enemies in an area of 6 will received damage increased by 10%.
  • Enemies in an area of 6 will received damage increased
  • Hellakin is immune to Phobia
Damage increase rate Day.png달.png Lv.15

I will haunt you! / Passive[]

HellakinPassive2.png Hellakin's spiritual strength is unrivaled. Even after being taken down, her spirit keeps on fighting.
  • After dying, Hellakin becomes a ghost that her enemies cannot see and keeps attacking for a 10 seconds.


Even though most of the members of the Glipto tribe are known for being effervescent beings, there is one amongst them the opposite; dark and gloomy. Hellakin: the hexer, Master of Fear.

Hellakin is quite reserved, and won’t do much harm if she is not being messed with. To be honest, she does not usually possess much power. However, when she is overcome by stress or anger, her power and abilities become unchained.

Being able to use one’s power only when under stress… that’s enough to drive you to hysteria.

Hellakin is gifted with clairvoyance, allowing her to see what people fear the most. She stimulates that fear, taking advantage of others’ weaknesses to make them shiver in fear.

At a younger age, Hellakin was as bright and lively as other members of the Glipto tribe. Unfortunately for her, her cousin Poapoy, pride of the whole tribe, led to her downfall.

People in the Glipto tribe tirelessly compared Hellakin to Poapoy, which caused her a great deal of pain ultimately leading to her morose personality. Just looking at her now will send shivers down your spine. 

It’s been a sad turn of events for poor Hellakin. Look at her now...

Champion Quotes[]

  • When she is unlocked

▶️ "Have you called for me?"

  • When she is spawned for the first time

▶️ "I can smell their fear"

  • When she is respawned

▶️ "I will curse you all!"

  • When Creaea kills the opposing Champion

▶️ "Fall, you weak thing!"

  • When the enemy tower has been destroyed

▶️ "Explosion, destruction!"

  • When the enemy Guardian has been destroyed

▶️ "What a wreck! Raquini!"

  • When her active skill is ready

▶️ "I can feel the strength!"

  • Night Time

▶️"Darkness, fear and death"

  • When mana is at 100% for more than 3 seconds

▶️ "Wake up and do something!"

  • Champion Click Quotes

▶️ "Hahaha"

▶️ "Their fear, my strength"

▶️ "Nabaruni"

▶️ SPECIAL: "Doesn't feel great..."

▶️ SPECIAL: "That's enough!"