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Mokkla is a high-tier MINImax Tinyverse player from Europe Region.


MINImax Tinyverse: When did you start playing MINImax Tinyverse?

Mokkla: I stumbled upon this gem about 2 months ago.

MMTV: Which Champion don't you like playing against?

M: I welcome the challenge to play against every champion.

MMTV: What do you think is important to consider when you make a team build?

M: I think it's important to have strong attack type coverage, some healing, and as much crowd control effects as possible. Countering common spells with your own is also a key to victory.

MMTV: What was your motivation in joining MINImax Tinyverse tournaments?

M: The mustache theme was fun, the prize money is good and I get to play against strong players which makes for the most exciting games!

MMTV: Is there a player that inspires you?

M: There is a lot to be learned when NohavenameIwant takes Champions that most would consider being weak and plays them so well that they become a force to be reckoned with.

On the other hand when playing against Gital you can see that good timing and reliable strategies are some of the biggest factors in winning MINImax Tinyverse games.

MMTV: What was your first experience with video games?

M: My first game ever was Pokemon Red and it hooked me from the beginning.

MMTV: Any music you like to listen to while playing video games?

M: Daft Punk and Gorillaz!

MMTV: Any fun facts about you?

M: I don't have a mustache! Sorry!

MMTV: What advice would you give a new player?

M: The most important thing is to keep trying and learning from your opponents!


World Tournament - October 2019[]

Mokkla was the European region winner after defeating Deadinside in the 2019 October World Tournament. He was defeated by Gital, in the Asian continent finals.

Mustache Tournament - November 2019[]

Mokkla won the first place of the 2019 Mustache Tournament by defeating CroakerX in the final stage.