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Freak, Warrior
Hunting (not for food), Brawling


Murrakah Development Animation Footage


Level 15
Ico target.png All enemies (Single) Ico a Special.png 830
Target Damage
Ico attack speed.png Attack once every 1.8 second Ico d Special.png 13 000
Attack Speed Health (Special)
Ico attack range.png 1.5 Ico move speed.png 2
Range Movement Speed

Skill sets[]

Wham! / Active[]

Unit Cc001 A1.png Murrakah jumps to the target area and deals damage to enemies within certain radius near the destination.
  • Jumps to the target location.
  • Stuns enemies at the target area and knock them back.
Damage Day.png달.png Lv.15

Pick Up[]

Unit Mc01.png You can pick Murrakah up with your fingers and drop him to the place you want.

When he lands, He crushes enemies around him.

  • Knocks down enemies at the target area while landing
Damage Day.png달.png Lv.15

Rahahaha / Passive[]

Unit Cc001 P1.png Murrakah feels extreme pleasure whenever Aillaians around him die. His barbaric nature accelerates his natural recovery.
  • Restores his own HP whenever enemies around him die .
Healing Rate Day.png달.png Lv.15

Growl / Passive[]

Unit Cc001 P2.png

Murrakah's nature as a predator awakes when the night falls.

Attacking his enemies at night reduces the cooldown time of [Wham!!!].

Effect 달.png
  • Reduces cooldown time of [Wham] by 0.5 seconds whenever Murrakah attacks


Spear-wielding Murrakah is a ruthless maverick of the Sharkku tribe. Nobody in his tribe doubts his strength,

but they do doubt his personality and hot temper.

Since Nikti, the current chieftain of Sharrku is already old, and his only child Kaya has refused to succeed in his place,

deep down, Murrakah expected to be chosen as the next chieftain, but every member of the Sharkku tribe, including Nikti, turned him down.

Although the members of Sharkku know that it is all due to his twisted and ruthless personality,

only Murrakah is in the dark. He thinks that the reason why he couldn't be chieftain is because people

do not recognize his skills as a warrior! Such misunderstandings have made Murrakah more violent

and ruthless than ever, and he is getting farther and farther away from achieving his dream.

Champion Quotes[]

  • When he is selected

▶️ "Time to kill!"

  • When he is spawned for the first time

▶️ "Murrakah! Murrakaaaaah!"

  • When he is respawned

▶️ "Nabaruni!"

  • When Creaea kills the opposing Champion

▶️ "That's all?"

  • When the enemy tower has been destroyed

▶️ "This rock pile can't stop us."

  • When the enemy Guardian has been destroyed

▶️ "Too bad... But Murrakah much strrrrronger! Hahaha!"

  • When his active skill is ready

▶️ "Where? Tell me quickly!"

  • Using Active Skill


  • Night Time

▶️ "Wakiah! Crush! Crush them all!"

  • When mana is at 100% for more than 3 seconds

▶️ "What you doing? Help me, now!"

  • Champion Click Quotes

▶️ "Whaaat?"

▶️ "Trrrust me? Ay?"

▶️ "Dead! You all!"

▶️ SPECIAL: "Hay... I busy!"

▶️ SPECIAL: "Grrr"