MINImax Tinyverse Wiki

The MINImax Tinyverse features two different realms fighting each other. 

They have their own currency and value system, but it's not a much deep or sophisticated as you would expect! 

(Imagine you are like Gulliver in Lilliput! One key difference is that the MINIs only recognize as you gigantic beings that are too shiny to see with their bare eyes.)  


Icon Description
에일라이 가치 copy.jpg
  • Human-like Realm
  • Values : Monotheism, Absolute power, Loyalty, Uniformity, For the Greater goods
  • Design Codes : Magic, Engineering, Daylights
  • Heroes : Aidel, Ortto, Shainen, Trasus, Tuppi


Icon Description
크레아 가치 copy.jpg
  • Beast-like Realm
  • Values : Distinct Individuality, Diversity, Tribes, Freedom, Unwritten Rules, Mother nature
  • Design Codes : Hex, Alchemy, Shamanism, Moonlights
  • Heroes : Nia, Murrakah, Kaya, Mervada, Fainuke