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Playing with Dione, Blowing something up


Shainen Development Animation Footage


Ico target.png Ground / Air (Area of Effect) Ico a Special.png Lv.15
Target Damage 720
Ico attack speed.png Attack once every 2.7 seconds Ico d Special.png Lv.15
Attack Speed Health 5 300
Ico attack range.png 12 cm Ico move speed.png 1.8 cm per second
Range Movement Speed

These numbers are Shainen's stats at Level 15

Skill sets[]

Mega Explosion / Active[]

Unit Ac005 A1.png Shainen casts a flame spell which inflicts tremendous damage to the enemies.

The spell becomes more powerful during the day.

  • Burns the enemies within the target area. The enemies on burn take bonus damage over time. (Maximum 8 seconds)
Damage Lv.15
Day.png 1800

(+960 Bonus Damage per second)

달.png 1200

(+960 Bonus Damage per second)

Pick Up[]

Unit Mc01.png You can pick Shainen up with your fingers and drop him to the place you want.

Her Ego-glove Dione punches nearby enemies hard when she is lifted.

  • Stuns enemies nearby and knock them back when she is lifted
Damage Day.png달.png Lv.15
1 200

Flame of Abyss / Passive[]

Unit Ac005 P1.png Shainen summons fierce flames of the underworld and burns her enemies.
  • Burns the enemies who are hit by Shainen. The enemies on burn take bonus damage over time. (Maximum 3 seconds)
Damage Lv.15

Avatar of Flame / Passive[]

Unit Ac005 P2.png

Shainen is a master of all flame spells, and no flames can hurt her.

Effect Day.png달.png
  • Shainen is immune to all fire type damages


Shainen is a descendant of a well-known magus family.

She is renowned for her prodigious talent in magic since she was young.

To be more specific, her fire-spells are very highly regarded even among the highest masters of magic.

She lost her right arm in an accident that occurred while testing a highly condensed fire-spell.

However, thanks to her optimistic attitude, she could overcome this hardship.

After the accident, she invented enchanted an ego-glove called Dione which can replace her right arm.

Dione is her right arm and loyal friend, but sometimes, it ignores Shainen's orders deliberately and causes a bunch of trouble.

Champion Quotes[]

  • When she is unlocked

▶️ "Nice to meet you~ Did you call me?"

  • When she is selected

▶️ "Hello~"

  • When she is spawned for the first time

▶️ "The flames will devour my enemies."

  • When she is respawned

▶️ "Dione, please behave!"

  • When Aillai kills the opposing Champion

▶️ "Now is the chance!"

  • When the enemy tower has been destroyed

▶️ "Kudema! The tower!"

  • When the enemy Guardian has been destroyed

▶️ "It vanished! Bang!"

  • When her active skill is ready

▶️ "My spell is ready! Just give me an objective to blow!"

  • Using Active Skill

"Sun, fire, explosion. Kudema, to my enemies!"

  • Day Time

▶️ "Rise and shine!"

  • When mana is at 100% for more than 3 seconds

▶️ "Could you give me a hand, please?"

  • Champion Click Quotes

▶️ "Yes?"

▶️ "Hello there, your wiz is here."

▶️ "Dione sometimes can be very mischievous, but she is a good friend of mine! "

▶️ SPECIAL: "Are you asking me to cast a spell?"

▶️ SPECIAL: "You really don't know anything. Are you mocking me?"