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About The Silver-wing Stronghold[]

The Silver-wing Stronghold is a strategically significant place for both realms.

Creaeans must occupy this area to safely advance to Cillespillan kingdom.

Meanwhile, Aillaians should guard this stronghold with their lives to protect their country from Creaean invasion!

What an epic battlefield, isn't it? It is a perfect battlefield for your first step to the MINImax world! 



If you look closely on your battlefield, you will soon realize that many obstacles are scattered all over the battlefield.

Many of them are put in the middle of the lanes and they will eventually obstruct your troopers and heroes to the path.

Well, you can remove some of them with your mighty miracles but there are definitely some obstacles which are just too sturdy or too big to remove.

So, It would be wise for you to proactively check such obstacles before you start your game.

I'm telling you! Their importance in the battle will be a way beyond your imagination!

Basic obstacles[]
Ledge1.JPG Puddle2.JPG

As I told you earlier, on the battlefield, there are some obstacles which are unable to remove even with your mighty Miracles.

However, it doesn't mean that you can not overcome them!

There are troopers who can overcome obstacles like ledges!

**The ledges seen in the image above looks Aillaian because the Creaea tries to invade the stronghold of Aillai. So it means that later when another map gets updated, its ledges will be Creaean.

**In the next (or neeeexxt) beta, the ledges above may get changed into the stone wall of the Silver-wings Stronghold.

Destructible obstacles[]
D-Objects1.JPG D-Objects2.JPG Objects.JPG

In the battlefield, there are some obstacles you can remove them by using Miracles which deals damage!

By removing such obstacles, you can make new lanes where your troopers and Champion can march to your opponent's base or towers!

Each obstacle has their own HP. For example, you can remove obstacles like trees easily and quickly,

but it would be a quite tough job for you to remove obstacles like small rocks!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! There might be special objects on the battlefield which looks quite familiar to you!

Don't you think they just look like objects we have seen in our world? I guess maybe both Aillaians' and Creaeans' civilizations are influenced by such objects...

Defensive Objects[]


The towers are key objects you must protect while you are playing the game.

Both Aillai and Creaea player has two towers each(The First tower and the Second tower), and the player who destroys more tower than his/her opponent wins!

Towers have tons of HP and strong attack rate but they can't hold a long time against intensive attacks from your opponent's troopers and Champion!

So you have to protect them as long as possible with all costs!

The First Tower[]
The In-game images in this Community-Beta[]
Concept Arts[]
크레아 타워.JPG

The First towers are Key objects which maintains your defensive perimeter and covers ally units around it.

Sadly, In previous beta, the in-game art asset of Creaea's first tower was implemented with that of Aillai.

But don't worry! In the this beta, you will be able to see wild and untamed figure of the real Creaean tower!

The Second Tower[]
The In-game images in this Community-Beta[]
캡쳐화면3.JPG 캡쳐화면5.JPG
Concept Arts[]
Second C.JPG Second A.JPG

The Second towers are Key objects which slowly patrols the area near your base.

The Second tower of Creaea patrols during the night time and go back to its original place when the sun rises.

However, In the case of Aillaian second tower, it is the other way around. It patrols during the day and goes back to its post at night.

These powerful guardians are superior to any other units in the game, but even they can't hold much longer against all enemies attacks alone.

So, you must protect them safely!

Sadly, in this beta, the in-game art assets of the second towers are not implemented yet.

But don't worry! Maybe In the next beta, you will be able to see the real figures of 2nd towers of both realms!

Base and Barrack[]
The In-game images in this Community-Beta[]
본진 크레아.JPG 에일라이 본진2.JPG
Concept Arts[]
기지 크레아 배럭.JPG 기지 크레아.JPG
기지 에일라이 배럭.JPG 기지 에일라이.JPG

The Base and Barrack are your most reliable resort while you are playing the game.

These sturdy buildings are not only the place where your troopers are being spawned but also reliable fortress which can hold a long time against your enemies' attack.

However, if your base collapse.. it means there is no remaining hope for you.

Since Creaeans are invader set in the map this time, their barrack and base are temporary buildings which have wheels on their side just like seen in the image above.

(On the other hand, it means later you will be able to see Aillaians' temporary buildings in another map where Aillans invade Creaea. By the way, in the new map, the mid-map ledges will be Creaean.)

Overall Views[]

Map5.JPG Map6.JPG
Base1.JPG Base2.JPG

Your Tips for others to play this map[]

If you have tips you want to give to other user while you are playing this map, you can feel free to edit this document!