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Wind Bender



Tarrpio Development Animation Footage


Ico target.png All Enemies (AOE) Ico a Special.png Lv.15
Target Damage 540
Ico attack speed.png 2 Ico d Special.png Lv.15
Attack Speed Health 9000
Ico attack range.png 6 Ico move speed.png 2.5 cm per second
Range Movement Speed

These are Tarrpio's stats at level 15

Skill sets[]

Mystic Call / Active[]

TarrpioActive.jpg Tarrpio's powerful magic can conjure the strongest of winds. First, he releases his powers, which knocks down and deals damage to nearby enemies.

He then summons ally troops in the selected area to him

  • Knocks down and deals damage to nearby enemies
  • Summons ally troops in the selected area to him
Damage Day.png달.png Lv.15

Pick Up[]

Unit Mc01.png You can pick Tarrpio up with your fingers and drop him to the place you want.

When he lands, he knocks down and deals damage to nearby enemies.

  • Knocks down enemies at the target area while landing
Damage Day.png달.png Lv.15

Whirlwind / Passive[]

TarrpioPassive1.jpg Everytime the wind he has conjured hits enemies, Tarrpio gains in strength.

If he successfully hits 6 enemies with his normal attack, he releases a powerful gust of wind that knocks down enemies and deals damage.

  • Knocks down enemies and deals 900 damage

Tailwind / Passive[]

TarrpioPassive2.jpg The wind that blows around Tarrpio helps his allies march faster. The movement speed of allies in his area increases
Effect Day.png달.png
  • The movement speed of allies in an area of 6 is increased by 25%.


Tarrpio was not even six years old when he surpassed all twelve of his older brothers, making him the genius of all geniuses.

That is without forgetting that all his brothers were also remarkable. However, genius was not the only trait Tarrpio was born with.

He is also extremely arrogant. From a fallen noble family, his inferiority complex has exacerbated his arrogance all the more. He just cannot get over himself; it’s his way, or the highway.

Tarrpio has caused great damage to crops by twirling his scepter around, provoking harsh gusts of wind that once even tore down the great flag post of Cillespilla.

After such incidents, enraged villagers demanded for Tarrpio to be cast away, but kind-hearted Aidel, princess of Cillespilla, negotiated that he be put under probation, in his favor.

Aidel seems to see a great force in Tarrpio that she can use to counter Creaea, but only time will tell us what is to come of his destiny.

Champion Quotes[]

  • When he is selected

▶️ "Yeah, yeah..."

  • When he is unlocked

▶️ "Wow, you're massive."

  • When he is spawned for the first time

▶️ "I am the wind!"

  • When he is respawned

▶️ "I'm back to finish this!"

  • When Aillai kills the opposing Champion

▶️ "Well done, let's keep going!"

  • When the enemy tower has been destroyed

▶️ "Hahaha"

  • When the enemy guardian has been destroyed

▶️ "You will kneel to me!"

  • When his active skill is ready

▶️ "The wind has started to blow, can you feel it?"

  • Day Time

▶️ "Together! Woapwah!"

  • When mana is at 100% for more than 3 seconds

▶️ "Are you asleep or something?"

  • Champion Click Quotes

▶️ "What?"

▶️ "I'm here."

▶️ "Brace yourselves, typhoon incoming!".

▶️ SPECIAL: "I'm kind of busy here"

▶️ SPECIAL: "I can't be bothered!"