MINImax Tinyverse Wiki

Miracle Ramp, Rainbow Fence and Pick Up are fundamental yet mighty miracles.

They don't take your miracle slots, and you don't have to learn them or purchase them separately.

But remember! If they are used at the right time, they would be more potent than any other miracles.

Miracle Ramp[]

Icon Description
Unit Mr308.png

Summons a ramp that allows your allies to go up or down the hills.

The ramp remains for 20 seconds, and it has 1500 Health of durability.

Rainbow Fence[]

Icon Description
Unit Mr309.png Summons an impenetrable wall.

The wall stands for 20 seconds, and it has 2000 Health of durability.

Pick Up[]

Icon Description

You can pick up your champion and drop him/her within the area of effect.

Every Champion has its own unique bonus effect.