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Put a balanced team of Tank, dealer, healer and siege! Break the enemy lines with your Miracles!

Well-Ballance Style Creaea.PNG

Team Settings[]

Strategy Details [Miracle][]

Point 1.

Use Healing Powder to heal and keep alive your tankers and Mervada.

Point 2.

Speed up the damage dealers attack with Stimulant.

Point 3.

Use Defense Bubble to especially keep alive your Rockslinders when they are approaching the tower. Defense Bubble is also extremely useful to protect your forces under opponent’s Keep AOE attacks.

Point 4.

Use Pain Soup and Sewage to slow down and damage clusters of enemies.

Strategy Details [Trooper & Champion][]

Point 1. This deck has several strong front line options. Rapanossan Warriors are good opening option, Sharrkuss Hunters can catch up with your push faster than other tanks and suppress enemy champions.

Point 2. Sharrkus Geomancers can help you to stop attackers under your tower with their landing damage. They also stun opponents Champions, which can help to cancel some of their active skills, if your opponent is not careful.

Point 3. Don’t forget to pick up Mervada and drop him on clusters of opponents. His landing damage and subsequent stuns will help you to keep him alive.